I won! (NaBloPoMo Day 8)

Wow! I spent the first half of the day contemplating my topic for today’s post when I went email-checking and found a Congratulations!  I won the local photowalk contest!

Back on October 13th, was the Scott Kelby Annual World Wide Photowalk and I participated with a group of local photogs under the leadership of Mark Garbowski. All participants were allowed to post a photo to their local photowalk page to enter the photowalk contest. Well, I entered mine in, thinking, “eh, what are the odds?”

Little did I know that I’d win the local contest. I’d sort of forgotten there was one, really. And, to be fair I was apparently the only person to enter a photo(why??). But,

I. WON!  a free copy of the e-book version of Scott’s The Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers”. I had been wanting to get this one but chickened out. Good thing I waited huh? :)

Here’s the shot that won:


I can’t wait to dig into that book!


Whoops! or, Crash and Burn

That’s basically how things have been going with the spinning lately. I’ve missed a few days in the TdF. But apparently I missed more than that. I somehow mislaid a bit of the fiber I was spinning and thought I was done with it. And I also seem to have forgotten how to Navajo ply.

I think that’s why I put off finishing that little bit that remained. Because I knew I couldn’t remember how to chain ply. And I also had forgotten that singles which are going to be chain plied need to be tightly spun. Every attempt I made at getting into a groove failed because the singles would unravel and drift apart. Sigh. Add to that the fact my lazy kate is untensioned and it’s a recipe for disaster. I have decided I will have to add the extra step of winding that singles off into a center-pull ball so I can Andean(2-ply) it instead. :(

Do I make up the gaps by spinning through the second rest day? Or do I continue with the socks I’ve been working on. There are some changes with them too.

Socks on the loop

I started out with the Java socks pattern but that wasn’t working out. With this alpaca yarn, you can’t really see the stitch pattern all that well, so I’ll just keep on with the 2×1 ribbing. I’m going to run out of this yarn before I get to the toes, so I’ll be using some other yarn to finish. They’ll probably spend all their time not being seen(except in an FO photo) so I’m not really worried about them being perfect. But the effort involved in making them according to the pattern would be totally wasted if you can’t even see it.

Due to my epic failure in spinning this evening, there are no fiber photos. So I’ll leave you with the Lower Manhattan Skyline, as seen today from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Lower Manhattan Skyline


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Weekly Photo Challenge-- Numbers

Metronome Clock at Union Square, NYC

I admit I actually thought this was a US debt clock but it’s not. Oops. It’s just a regular clock. The first 7 numbers indicate the time in 24-hour format, down to the seconds. The last 7 show how long til midnight, again in 24-hour format. Way cool.

Day 3: Clouds

Day 3--Clouds, at sunset

They took forever to show up. I went out to the park earlier today, to knit on the Multnomah shawl and get a cloud shot. I packed a light lunch, the shawl, my tripod and camera and hit the road.

Got to the park and blammo: The Great Lawn is off-limits due to bug spraying.
And it was chillier than I’d expected and I had a short-sleeved shirt.
And there was not a cloud in the sky.

I thought about practicing long-exposure landscape shots, but I was just too cold to take the time to set up. I was warmer if I kept moving, so I kept walking, from one side of the park to the other. No pics, but I got some exercise.

Fast forward to early this evening when, as the sun was setting, I looked out the window and behold: CLOUDS! Some manner or other of cirrus clouds, but I’m not really sure. Very nice.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t have such a hard time capturing the theme: Green!

Day 2–What I wore today

Day 2-- What I wore today
These pretty earrings were on the accessory rack at the cheap-y shoe store. Yeah, I’m cheap. But they were pretty and I’d been feeling like I needed some new earrings. I have a nickel allergy and many pairs of earrings/other jewelry always start to irritate me once any coating has worn off. These advertized being nickel-free so I bought them. It’s been several weeks and so far, so good. The teardrops have a pink tint to them. There was another pair that had a blue tint to the drops. I had to stop myself from buying both pairs. But I still find myself wishing I did.